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18 - 99 years old

What is Kendo?

Kendo is a modified, modern style of the original Japanese sword fighting as learned and practised by samurai.

The word is derived from Ken, meaning sword, and Do, meaning a spiritual or philosophical path. The aim of Kendo is to develop the individual physically, mentally and spiritually through the mastery of sword techniques and by applying them in combat.

It is practised barefoot on a wooden floor, and the use of protective equipment called bogu and a bamboo pole sword called a shinai means it is possible to practise combat in a safe way but with the intensity of a real duel.


The aim is to develop fitness, explosiveness and reaction speed. You will also develop precision and skill in executing the techniques by repeating a series of specific movements that fighters need to perform in a fight.

Once you have mastered the basics, training is gradually supplemented by mental and spiritual aspects, such as self-control, constant awareness and an inner calm that enables you to better assess situations and thus react appropriately.

The goal of kendo training is therefore not only to prepare the body but also, and in a very unique way, to achieve a clear mind and a balanced but determined spirit. This makes practising kendo suitable for anyone, regardless of age, gender and physique, because experience and mental preparation are just as important in a fight as strength and physical and athletic ability.

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