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Become a member

For those who want to schedule a trial training session, please book the "Probemitgliedschaft" (Trial Membership) under "Probemitgliedschaft und Probetraining" (Trial Membership and Trial Training). Please include all participants who intend to participate in the sport as part of the trial membership.

You can find the bookable sports offerings on the respective sports' pages.

Since we are a club, becoming a member of ATV is required for participating in our sports activities, with the exception of course offerings. This membership includes rights such as active and passive voting rights as a full member after six months of membership, as well as responsibilities like payment of dues and alignment with the goals of the club. You can find more details in the club's "Satzung" (Articles of Association) and "Beitragsordnung" (Membership Fee Regulations). Please inquire in advance if there are any restrictions on participating in specific sports offerings.

Membership is permanent but can be terminated through a resignation declaration, with the notice periods outlined in the Articles of Association. You can participate in regular club activities on a trial basis for three weeks as a member, with the exception of kindergarden memberships. This includes access to all regular club offerings at all locations without additional fees, unless it pertains to course offerings or cost-intensive programs. In the case of a Parent-Child membership, the parent who joins can also access adult offerings like Zumba or adult swimming without additional charges.

Trial membership and trial training


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Membership fees

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