Allgemeiner Turn-Verein zu Berlin 1861 e.V.
Children with books

Child protection

Parents entrust their children to us when they join our sports groups.

Child protection is an important issue at our club. We aim to provide more than just sporting and educational support for the children.

We follow the recommendations laid out by the Landessportbund. By signing the declaration on child protection we have committed ourselves to making child protection an important priority  at  our club.

The Child Welfare Officers in the ATV are Corinna Crusius, the Board Member for Child Welfare, and Barbara Pawlofsky, our Associate Member for Child Welfare.

Children, teenagers, parents, instructors and other club members can directly contact Corinna and Barbara on matters of child protection. They also require every coach and instructor to present a certificate of good conduct and ensure that it is renewed every 5 years. They work with the Child Welfare Officers of the Landessportbund Berlin and the Sportjugend Berlin as well as specialisedexternal agencies.



The Child Welfare Officers

The Child Welfare Officer Corinna Crusius Corinna.Crusius(at)
Board Member for Child Welfare Barbara Pawlofsky Barbara.Pawlofsky(at)