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The little ones come out big” is our motto for kindergarten gymnastics!


Children need exercise to develop in a physically and mentally healthy way. A regular exercise programme from an early age is very important for this. In this age of ever-increasing media consumption and its use by younger and younger children, the natural urge to exercise is being severely neglected.  The consequences are a lack of concentration, learning difficulties, motor deficits, posture problems and even obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. This is something we want to prevent! We offer the day-care centres/children a regular sports programme with qualified exercise instructors. The children are taught motor, coordination and cognitive skills in a playful way once a week. The focus is on shared experiences, social interaction and lots of fun. The children learn about different forms of movement with and without gymnastics equipment, games and opportunities for relaxation. Our aim is to promote development that is appropriate for the age of the children in a preventative form.



Our goals are to support age-appropriate development of learning and consolidation of basic motor and cognitive skills and coordination, encourage the natural urge to be active and the experience of movement, develop endurance, strengthen social and mental development, self-confidence and self-awareness and foster a shared sense of togetherness.