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Beginner swimming

4 - 8 years old

We are delighted that you want to learn how to swim!

Are you between 2 and 6 years old?

Our swimming facilities are at Schwimmbad Kreuzberg and Schwimmhalle Fischerinsel. Our qualified swimming coaches will teach you how to swim in a fun and playful way.

If you are already a member of the club, that’s great, but if not, that’s not a problem.

Whether you are a member or not, you can take 3 trial classes before deciding whether to continue with swimming or not. However, we do have a waiting list, so you can’t just drop in. You will be informed by email once places become available and you will need to respond as quickly as possible. If you then receive an invitation, you will be able to give swimming a go on the indicated date.

Please sign up to the Info-Agent to join the queue.

How the trial training course works

A free 3-week trial training course

  1. Click below to check if there are still places on the course
  2. Sign up for your trial membership at "Trial membership and trial training" Members can sign up directly.
  3. You can book the sport session of your choice on the relevant page of our website and select “Probetraining” as the duration.
  4. Take a registration form home with you during the 2nd week. You can pick up a membership form from any of our coaches, the admissions desk, the office or online in the Downloads section.
  5. After the 3-week trial, hand in your membership form to the coach, admissions desk, the office, or send it by post or by email to info(at) (become a member)
  6. Once you have trialled your chosen sport for 3 weeks, you will need to book the course again using the “Bereits Mitglied” category.

We hope you enjoy your activities!

Is your preferred course fully booked? How the trial training course works

The Info-Agent is our list of potential members (waiting list without available spots).

If you have registered with the Info-Agent, you will receive an email as soon as new offers or spots become available.

  1. Sign up to the Info-Agenten
  2. Confirm you would like to receive emails from the Info-Agent
  3. Wait to receive an email from the Info-Agent service
  4. Book a place on the course

We hope you enjoy your activities!

Booking of beginner swimming slots, please read the information.

Parents are not allowed into the changing rooms.

Unfortunately, our booking system is currently experiencing issues with overbooking, meaning that more people may be able to book slots than there are actually available. We do not have reserve slots available as we provide all capacities to you. Overbooking, when it occurs, happens within a very short timeframe. Based on the timestamps of individual bookings, we will then cancel the bookings that were made last and exceed the planned number of participants. Therefore, receiving a booking confirmation does not guarantee that the slot is securely reserved at the moment. The programming to fix this issue is underway but may not be completed in time, so we ask for your understanding.