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16 - 99 years old

Badminton is a game that everyone has probably played at some point in their spare time. But if badminton is played more seriously, in other words if you try to force your opponent to make mistakes rather than simply pass the shuttlecock to them, this sport quickly becomes a good fitness challenge, especially in singles. Badminton is a very fast sport and is also quite technically demanding. Another key aspect of this sport is that it is played by women and men together, which is a requirement for fielding a team.

In doubles, especially, this sport can be played well into old age, because in doubles tactics and experience play a very important role and fitness takes a back seat.

The badminton group at the ATV plays purely for FUN and its members therefore do not take part in official team competitions. Because of this, we play with plastic rather than real shuttlecocks. However, we have not ruled out the possibility of fielding a competitive team in principle if enough members were to make themselves available. We do not have a designated coach but are happy to help any novice with advice and support. Having fun is the most important thing, but you can’t do it without ambition.

The games are played in a 6-court hall at the OSZ-Handel in Wrangelstraße in Kreuzberg. Access to the sports hall is through Zeughofstraße 24.

Badminton sessions are held every Tuesday from 19:00 to 21:30. The hall is closed during the school holidays. During the long holidays, however, we have always had the opportunity to use another hall, albeit at different times.

Friendly players are always welcome to join us.

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