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Track and field

4 - 18 years old

After a gentle whole-group warm-up, the session is split up into smaller groups for short and long-distance running training, long jump and high jump, ball throwing with various balls or rings and, for the older ones, shot put and hammer throw in preparation for the annual ATV athletics sports festival and earning their sports badge. At the end of the session, the kids can play little games and do some rope skipping.

The plan is for the children to take part in various events and competitions, e.g. the bambini runs at the KKH, Avon and Tierpark Runs as well as the TiB Kreuzberg 1/4 Marathon, the half marathon and full marathon. More details are provided in our event calendar.

Practice sessions will take place subject to weather conditions.

How the trial training course works

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  4. Once you have become a member, you will still need to re-book the sessions each week.

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