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Our kindergarten gymnastics session

This takes place once a week

lasts for 45 minutes

and comprises groups of 12-15 children

What awaits you? – A varied gymnastics lesson

A gymnastics lesson usually begins with a warm-up circle.

A ritual for the children

Singing, dancing, running, jumping, crawling, imitating animals, running and ball games are all part of the warm-up routine.

The main part of the class involves gymnastics with:

Balls, hoops, ropes, bean bags, chiffon cloths, para-balloons, everyday materials....

And the activity equipment includes:
Benches, trampolines, vaulting boxes, mats, movement blocks, roller boards...

and for relaxation there is: Yoga, stories and massages

and lots of games for each age group!!!

The children learn about colours, numbers, shapes and materials through various forms of movement. Themed lessons on the seasons, the animal world, healthy eating and other everyday events, as well as language development, give the gymnastics lessons a connection to their environment. The gymnastics lessons are designed to suit the age of the children and offer scope development and for the children’s own ideas and preferences. Learning through movement with plenty of fun and enjoyment is our goal.