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[Translate to Englisch:] vier Frauen mit Babys im Wasser

Warm water swimming for children

6 month - 7 years old

Here we provide more information on:

  • Introduction to swimming for babies
  • Parent and child offerings
  • Beginner swimming lessons without parents

We use the 1.30 metre-deep therapy pool at the Gustav Meyer School for our warm water swimming activities, where the water temperature is kept above 30 degrees. The warm water activities are not part of the club’s swimming programme, so we cannot guarantee spot there, for instance so that kids can complete their bronze badge. If you are still interested in taking the bronze badge with us, you can sign up for the waiting list under Kid’s and Teens’ Swimming. You will then be notified by email when places become available on the course.


If you are not yet a member of the club at the time of booking but would like to take advantage of the lower course fee, you must become a club member before booking the course and submit a written application for membership to us in person. A subsequent change is not possible.

Our system currently cannot automatically distinguish whether someone is a member or just a trial member. Therefore, trial members will be shown the membership price and can only book at this price. These bookings will be manually corrected by us afterward, and the adjusted invoices will be sent to you.

Beginner's swimming:Swimming with babies:
Members: 144,00 EuroMembers: 96,00 Euro
Non-members: 228,00 EuroNon-members: 156,00


If a course session is canceled by us, it will be rescheduled at the end of the course period. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate cancellations from your side. Therefore, we offer the option of course insurance when booking.

Note on course insurance:

Course insurance is generally uncomplicated. If your child cannot participate in the course due to illness, you only need a medical certificate, which you send to the insurance company. You just need to inform us about the sickness notification with a medical certificate, and we will mark it accordingly in the software. This will refund you for the course session. Further information on course insurance can be found here:

Payment on-site

When we mention payment on-site, we only accept payment by Maestro/credit card; cash payments are not accepted! Payment on-site is only possible on the first day of the course.

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