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Inclusion, integration and anti-discrimination

The ATV’s core organisational values include the promotion of diversity within the club and making the best possible use of the variety of potential in the local district. The aim here is to reduce social conflicts, strengthen cohesion and promote tolerant coexistence. 

The ATV pursues its goals of establishing and making diversity-friendly structures, processes and environments accessible. This is part of developing a sustainable inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination strategy. 
The aim of these is to use the integrative power of sports to promote a sense of community – both in sports and in society – and to counter racism, discrimination and exclusion, as well as right-wing extremism.  

That’s why it is our ambition to establish the sports club as a cultural bridge that fosters a sense of urban coexistence, brings neighbourhoods together and  cultivates a warm, welcoming culture for immigrants and newcomers. 

With this in mind, we have developed a mission statement, a code of ethics and anti-discrimination structures. These will enable us to break down cultural barriers and interact with each other through the medium of sport. Club sports should be a place where diversity, integration, inclusion and anti-discrimination can be felt and practised both at an institutional and a practical level.

Our anti-discrimination guide (in German)

Against the backdrop of measures aimed at developing a sustainable inclusion and diversity strategy, the ATV aims to solidify diversity-oriented structures, processes, and framework conditions further, making them accessible in the neighborhood.

Establishment of the existing general anti-discrimination guide as a foundation and under the aspects of the General Equal Treatment Act.



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