Allgemeiner Turn-Verein zu Berlin 1861 e.V.
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Parent and child gymnastics

0 - 5 years old

Children can sing, run around and do gymnastics together with their parents or grandparents! We play with balls, hoops, chiffon cloths and many other small pieces of equipment. They can crawl, scramble, climb and jump across large activity areas with vaulting boxes, benches, slides and trampolines. The children are introduced to their first experiences of exercise with sports equipment, can try things out and have a lot of fun! Do gymnastics together, discover new things and stay fit at any age!

Please only book a spot for the child or children for parent and child gymnastics, not for the parents.

Heike Winkelmann
Fachwartin für Eltern-Kind-Turnen und Kleinkinderturnen
E-Mail: Heike.Winkelmann(at)

How the trial training course works

A free 3-week trial training course

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  4. Once you have become a member, you will still need to re-book the sessions each week.

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