Allgemeiner Turn-Verein zu Berlin 1861 e.V.
People place their hands together in the middle

Board of directors and division heads

Board of directors

Chairperson Mike Hoffmann Mike.Hoffmann(at)
Vice chairperson Thomas Oschlies Thomas.Oschlies(at)
Board member for finance Karsten Schönebeck Karsten.Schoenebeck(at)
Board member for sports Andreas Hoffmann Andreas.Hoffmann(at)
Board member for public relations Julia Hoffmann Julia.Sterzer(at)
Board member for interdisciplinary youth work Celina Adalem Celina.Adalem(at)
Board member for child welfare Corinna Crusius Corinna.Crusius(at)
Board member for equality, inclusion, and diversity Freya Jungen Freya.Jungen(at)
Board member for human resources Franz Pawlofsky Franz.Pawlofsky(at)
Associate board member for child welfare Barbara Pawlofsky Barbara.Pawlofsky(at)

Division heads

Parent and child gymnastics and preschooler gymnastics Heike Winkelmann Heike.Winkelmann(at)
Children's and teens gymnastics, dancing, and sports Michael Dechau Michael.Dechau(at)
Trampolining not named
Volleyball Hannelore Willeken Hannelore.Willeken(at)
Badminton Marcus Förster Marcus.Förster(at)
Other ball sports not named
Beginner's swimming Peter Trautvetter Peter.Trautvetter(at)
Swimming Verena Stürzebecher Verena.Stuerzebecher(at)
Adult, health, and rehabilitation sports Freya Jungen Freya.Jungen(at)
Martial arts Johannes Isenberg