Allgemeiner Turn-Verein zu Berlin 1861 e.V.
Group picture of ATV gymnasts

History of the club

If you want to know what the future might have in store for you, you also need to know where you have come from!

Gymnastics and social events  helped the club to survive two world wars. It also continued to practice sports in times of need using every conceivable means and a sizeable degree of improvisation. It offered its activities in Kreuzberg in the shadow of the Berlin Wall and in defiance of it, outlasted it and always played a part in integrating the people living in the surrounding area. It continuously expanded its range of sports beyond its original offerings of gymnastics, for example by promoting swimming at an early stage and later, among other things, establishing a high-quality children’s and youth sector offering upwards of 50 sports. The social side of sports has always been its key priority, and there were often lively festivities with singing and dancing Today the Allgemeine Turn-Verein zu Berlin 1861 e. V. is increasingly filling a void when it comes to integration, health promotion and education which are gradually being abandoned by the state. Community sports and activities for members of all ages will help the club to continue its existence which has already lasted well beyond the lifetime of any single member. The goal of the Allgemeine Turn-Verein zu Berlin 1861 e. V. has always been and continues to be to support its members in becoming, being  and staying active beyond its literal meaning. The steady increase in our membership numbers, which now stand at around 3,000 (as of 2023), shows that they appreciate our efforts. We say a huge thank you to all our members! We want to continue to make every effort to realise the association’s goals in the future by building on proven traditions and taking pride in the club’s long history.